Snow Tha Product and Zhavia, two talented artists, joined forces to create a special song about love and finding yourself. They did something amazing: they made this song in just 24 hours because of a challenge Snow Tha Product set up. This shows how creative and quick they can be.

This song starts with Zhavia singing about how hard it is to find true love and how sometimes we only care when we feel left out. “Trying to find my love, yeah, trying to find my love / Soon as you don’t need me then I give a fuck,” she sings. This line shows the pain and confusion that often comes with relationships today.

Snow Tha Product raps about protecting her heart because of past hurts. She talks about not wanting to make the same mistakes again. “You trying to figure me out cause you want me to give you the life that I gave to my ex and stuff / But I been learned my lesson in / Giving someone my all didn’t work so I exited,” she says. This is about being careful with who you trust and not rushing into things.

The song is not just about the sad parts of love but also about getting stronger and knowing yourself better. Both artists share their thoughts on growing from their experiences. Making this song in 24 hours for a challenge shows how talented and creative they are. It also makes the song feel more real and urgent.

“Trying to Find My Love” is for anyone who’s ever felt confused or hurt by love. It’s about learning from the past and moving forward. The fact that it was made so quickly for a challenge makes it even more special. It shows what artists can do when they put their minds to it.

Snow Tha Product and Zhavia’s collaboration is a great example of how music can help us talk about our feelings and experiences. Their quick work to meet the challenge not only shows off their skills but also gives us a song that many people can connect with.