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Rap / Hip-Hop En Español

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Dub G is a dynamic rap artist who seamlessly bridges the gap between English trap and Spanish rap, crafting a sound uniquely his own. With an innate talent for storytelling and a deep connection to his Mexican heritage, Dub G has emerged as a powerful voice in the rap scene.
From a young age, Dub G was surrounded by music, thanks to his rapper friends and his constant immersion in the world of melodies and beats. While his early exposure leaned towards English trap music, a pivotal moment came when he discovered the potential of rap in Spanish. The vibrant Mexican rap scene ignited his creativity, inspiring him to fuse his linguistic prowess with his passion for rap.
Dub G's songwriting is an unfiltered reflection of his life's journey, capturing every high and low, every triumph and struggle. His music becomes a canvas where he paints his experiences, allowing listeners to connect on a deeply personal level.
Dub G's lyrical compositions serve as windows into the issues of his community. His music speaks to the heart of societal struggles, amplifying voices that often go unheard.
His perspective, influenced by both cultures, adds depth and complexity to his storytelling, enriching the tapestry of his artistry.
His focus is on delivering good, relatable music that resonates with listeners on a personal level.
As he continues to enrich the rap scene with his fusion of English and Spanish,Dub G remains a compelling artist whose voice captivates and unites diverse audiences through the universal language of music.

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