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Cesar Rodriguez, more known by his stage name RXZR, is a young artist hailing from North Carolina. With a deep appreciation for a wide range of musical genres including rock, hip hop, and R&B, he began writing and recording his own music at a young age. RXZR's songs are heavily inspired by his own life experiences as well as the stories of those closest to him.

RXZR's music has been influenced by some of the most well-respected artists in the industry, including Eminem, Tech N9ne, Jehry Robison, Jelly Roll, Yelawolf, and many others. His passion for creating music has led him to collaborate with some of his favorite artists, such as Jehry Robison on their track "Turn Me to Ashes." With a unique style that blends elements from various genres, RXZR's music is a reflection of his personal journey and the connections he's made along the way.

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