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Rap / Hip-Hop En Español
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Someone SM1 is a Mexican American rapper, songwriter, and music producer. Someone SM1 first burst onto the music scene when he featured on a track with the Billboard Award winning group Kinto Sol. He co-produced the background music for the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fight on HBO. He also co-produced soundtracks for the show “The Shield” on FX Network, and the series “Border Wars” on the National Geographic Channel. Someone SM1 has produced tracks for various rappers, including Aczino, the “Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos” Freestyle Tournament Champion,C-Kan from Mexico, NK Profeta from Venezuela, Tabernario, Tankeone, Eptos Uno, Manotas and Juan Gotti of Dope House Records. 
 With 4 albums under his belt he is set to release his 5th studio album, “A Mexican Me” in 2020

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